Tournament Poker

Tournament Poker In the last few years poker has experienced explosive growth. It was common to find poker games in a television Curry advert somewhere in the UK or on an advertisement free download from the net, but after the adverts were taken down the poker explosion took off. It quickly became apparent that many companies were attempting to make poker as an entertainment product. Very few organisations seemed to be able to take poker seriously and each was seeking to become very famous. This is evident with the accounts of Greg Raymer the former chief revenue officer of Party Poker fame, who claims to have been fired by Party Poker for being too honest.

This new found honesty in poker would eventually permeate all levels of society, politics, the arts and popular culture and is slowly turning poker into the card game of the people. Rather than the card game played by the gangsters in Casablanca, it would be played by the middle classes in comfortable homes everywhere.

Another reasons for the poker craze is the fact that poker is relatively easy to learn and play. No other game requires the player to start understanding the basics until they can add a bit of skill and knowledge to the game. And these days, even novices are not afraid of the game because it is no longer seen as a game that only a elite few “uck out” and make big money at the expense of the less well off caught. Online poker games have also taken off and are played regularly by poker players of all levels. The advent of online gaming and gambling in general has made the game more accessible to those who either wanted to play poker but did not live close to a casino, did not want to take the time to drive to a casino, or just did not feel comfortable being in a casino surrounded by other players. This is not to say that players who do not fit into this category should not still play poker, they just tend to play it online from the comfort of their homes.

Tournament Poker – Why is It So Popular?

The growth in online poker over the last few years has been incredible. In 2003, less than 100,000 people globally played poker online. In 2005, this figure had almost tripled to some 200,000. By 2006, the number of players online had grown to about 500,000 and by 2007, approximately 1 million players.

Not only is poker more accessible, it is cheaper to play. The majority of online poker sites offer low-cost tournaments to new players and even to players who previously did not play poker online. This means that even if you did not like online poker, you can probably find a tournament that offers a small buy-in, or free tournament entry into a larger event.

Another benefit of playing online poker over playing in a casino is the fact that you can multi-table as many poker games as you want at one time. You would likely have a hard time trying to find an casino that offers this style of play. Also, the fact that you only play one game per tableates your playing time and enables you to be more efficient and efficient than if you had played in a casino.

Tournament Poker

There are some disadvantages of playing online poker.

Tournament Poker However, there are definitely some disadvantages of playing online poker. The fact that you cannot see your opponents’ faces or read their actions online can put you at a disadvantage. In addition, since you are playing the game from home, you are more easily distracted and can play at a more leisurely pace. And, in any casino game, being distracted can also lead to mistakes. Some players playing too many cards or poker games can result in mistakes. Reading your opponents in online poker games, the cards they play and how they respond to different situations can help you build a solid poker strategy for online poker.

For some players, online poker is less about the action and more about the friends they kept meeting along the way. Their poker friends are no longer face to face but are motivated by the numerous bonuses and other perks offered by online poker rooms. These friends may have a challenge to a different city or different state, but one thing they can count on is the poker buddies they made while playing poker online.

Different denominations and different online poker rooms available- some online poker rooms offer multiple dollar denominations, even two- certain online poker rooms have several different online poker room altogether.

And finally, the last big advantage of playing online poker is the fact that you can have family and friends with you. If you lost your poker chips in a game, your friends and family could pick you up from the table.

So what are you waiting for? Go play poker online today. Put this into place today. You’ll never regret it!

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