The Best Racing Systems

The Best Racing Systems Is there really a racing system that works for everybody?

The answer you are probablyhoping to hear is yes, however,before we can answer that question, we need to clarify what we mean by system.

My understanding is that a system is simplythe set of selections you predict on a racing day. For example: “don’t bet on the twenty-three car in the thing at the first sight, bet on the twenty-seven car at five-folds”

Sound familiar? Sure it does…and lots of people do use this approach to betting. However, ie the vast majority of systems available today do not offer this kind of detail and Do we really need to?

I will address this in another article, but for the moment just bear in mind that this approach is a”sledge hammer” and not an analytical system.

This approach is fine for the occasional gambler, who is prepared to risk a few pounds on a few selections, but not prepared to do the homework required to make informed choices or Sick to Win, So You Need To Work!

If you are betting on handicap races, or equivalent terms on handicap hurdles races, I advice you use the systems which allow you to back selections as well as a lay selection. Beware of low price horses!

Find a system which allows you to place bets both ways, eg tracking, auction style, onReborn and other methods. We need to look at this one in more detail as a systembroker and I will come to that in another article.

The Best Racing Systems – Do They Really Exist?

I will point you in the right direction of many systems which can be found both in and out of the internet, however, I will give you some simple pointers to follow in order to find a better value lay system.

To begin with, whilst taking into consideration the price of the system you are purchasing, which is normally additional to the cost of the selections you intend to back, remember to take out the “ths”edged out of the price in order to earn a profit.

This makes the system cheaper on your part, as you do not have to lay the selections at any price. You simply take the established price and include the estimated amount of selections needed to yield a profit.

As the name suggests, a lay system channelled through lay betting will usually demand that you lay the selection(s) you have selected.

The Best Racing Systems

The advantages of implementing a lay system bet are many

The Best Racing Systems (i) If you lay a selection, you need not pay to chase your winnings. This is ahorse to lose by laying rather than by accepting the payouts;

(ii) In the very least, you will not lose more than the commission feeThe commission fee is the fee you pay on winning your bet. Some systems will remove the commission fee, which effectively splits the win into two portions. Such systems are usually efficient inobering the bet on two or three selections, however, there is a downside, which is you stand a greater chance of losing your stakes if three selections in four are unsuccessful.

(iii) Alternative stake systems. The truth is that there is an infinite number of staking systems that can be applied to any Horse Racing Sty, obstacle or raceartfactors that you wish to incorporate into your bet plan, however, the reality is, that a staking plan that removes the risking element of the bet, often leads to an inability to clearly state what selection strategies will dominate a betting strategy and obviously you will not be prepared to reveal this to a betting opponent.

(iv) No profit opportunities. Basically, a system that tells you how to bet on nothing, is not a system. An effective system takes advantage of the profit opportunities, and the strike rate, while noting that no system can guarantee consistent profits.

(v) Fair betting opportunities. Any bet that you can place on any horse, in any race, holds an opportunity to secure a profit.

(vi) Loss limiting. When you lose, you must lose the stake to continue to make any punting payments. The rule of thumb is that you must be able to afford a stake of 8% of your bank, or a total bankroll of $60,000 be used. With $100 bets, you can afford to lose 10% of your bank. Never chase your losses.

(vii) Positive expected value bets. The ability to place a bet in the knowledge that you will win more than you risk is a more lucrative and assured betting strategy.

(viii) Discipline. The final pre-text skill is a discipline for yourself and a restriction on your betting, to avoid building up a desperate Kenseth on your bank. Kenseth has never won a Major Cup, but has performed well on the All American circuit in some weeks.

That’s the way to go.

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