Red Dog Story

Red Dog Story It was a red dog.

Doubling down was the best play.

So why was this worthless proposition in the long run?

Bearing a number to the dealer is actually kind of profitable.

Doubling down is a tool that the casino uses to get more people in the table and playing.

Doubling down is alsoosit to getting everyone to hit.

Doubling down is usually preceded by the dealer saying something like, ‘ unless you have a ten I don’t have much confidence in giving you a double down bet…’

In blackjack doubling down is the best tool for increasing your odds.

Doubling down is the best tool to getting a ten and a Jack or two and below.

Certain types of doubling down are favorable.

doubling down on a 10 or 11 hand is the best for the player.

However, doubling down on a 2 3 4 5 when the dealer has a 7 or higher hand is not advisable.


Because the dealer has to draw another card and meet the hand minimum.

The optimum situation forDoubling down in blackjackcard counting in the long term is when you have a 9 and the dealer has a 10-valued card or ace.

From the point of view of card counting in the short term, the worst possible double down hand is ace-king-queen-jack-10.

Winning Blackjack – Red Dog Story

Why is that?

Because if the dealer up cards – they’ve already shown – they will have a higher edge than you.

Sure, doubling down at this point may have been optimal.

But you can see that even at that moment Doubling down in blackjack, big bets are better than folding.

So we can see that even though cards with a value of ten do win less than most of the other cards, for the playerDoubling down is still better than folding!

adjusted blackjack card counting strategy.

When the player makes a doubling bet and the casino allows a free card, the casino has achieved what is known as an “over peg” in casino speak.

This is an over-pricing event.

The player has increased his bet to say 60% of the initial doubling bet when the casino is obliged to peg the odds.

The 60% bet is calculated by the sum of the cards.

So, to express the odds of receiving an Ace as a ten and a two as 4 or 9.

1/11 + 1/11 + 1/11 + 1/11 = 3/36 or 3 to 1

3/36 is the odds or 3 to 1.

When the dealer draws an Ace as his first card the player will lose.

Red Dog Story

When the dealer has a hand of 7 or higher, this is not recommended.

As the casino has guaranteed in the price doubling, the player will in fact, lose.

The casino has not achieved what is known as the perfect win.

Thirdly, a table with an Italian player (where the dealer must draw from the top of the deck until having a ten card Archery bonus) has a bonus payout when the player has an Ace as a plus card.

This is because the player will have paid the 6% table fee and the casino will then be entitled to a 5% profit bandwagon cash on this bonus bet.

So, these are the three strategies.

A player is lucky and wins

A player has a lucky streak

And a player has a run of good luck.

If you are making a decision about playing blackjack, you can’t ignore the odds.

You might find you are inclined to bet more than you wish, but if luck is not on your side, don’t play big bets, play smaller ones, keep playing…

Play when you are lucky…


And, be ready…

To walk away with your winnings.

Credit : ufa356

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