Poker Strategy

Poker Strategy One of the most frustrating and subtle strategies of playing poker is through these kind of hand that you cannot really play, like King-Queen, King-Jack, Queen-Jack, Ace-Ten & More. By this we mean, these hands can really hurt your chip stack and can basically do nothing to win you the game. The thing is, these hands can be very tempting in later stage when your opponents have already seen 2-3 of the community cards. Thus, they will most likely play their draws giving you very less chance to either stay in the hand or not really know where you stand in the hand.

So, when you see players playing more than 2 half of the table like this, then the situation is pretty easy to guess. They are potentially on some kind of straight or flush draw. Thus, you can in most cases feel confident enough to play back at them, since you know that you can get quite a price.

How to Play:If you have a pretty good hand, when you get dealt the cards, bet out. In this situation, the best thing about playing these hands is that you are actually betting at the pot, as opposed to checking. This means that you have a better hand than you do not, and you want to make sure that you will be paid for the hand later on. This is one of the better ways to play these hands, but you have to be really careful you are not playing these too monotonously.

You also have to pay attention to opponents, and to different types of opponents. On the flop you can see what kind of cards opponents have, how they have played their draws, and what they have themselves. This is information that will be useful later on when you are up against them again on the turn. Also, if you are having opponents who do not see the flop as much as others, then you can probably get an idea of what they have by how they bet the hands that do have some value.

Your own hand strength is not something you want to publicize too early. Too many players tend to call hands that are really nothing-they do it to see cards, and sometimes win straight luck. Against such players, you really have to vary your hands and be selective.

Poker Strategy

Your Poker Bankroll Poker Strategy

Poker Strategy Your bankroll is the amount of money you have to play poker online and to win. Too many players do not understand the danger of playing at higher limits above their bankroll. Hardly any player starts at a small limit, and if they win money in their first games, it’s usually earn as they move up the ladder. If you are not careful and manage your bankroll wisely, you will soon find yourself broke and playing with nothing.

Many Holdem players will pride themselves on how high their bankroll is, but truth be told, this is really the players that will not be able to afford to and will end up playing incorrectly and not maximizing their winnings. If you manage your bankroll well, you can essentially afford to and play higher limit stakes while still being able to take a few shots at the big ones.

Butt out of the question: never play above your bankroll.

Moving Up The Ladder Blvd

Poker Strategy Obviously, the last thing that you want to do is play at higher stakes games after you have built a relatively tight bankroll. For many players, this is the number one reason that they eventually go broke. It is also the first thing that you want to do, once you have built your bankroll the right way.

There will be entire articles and chapters in this series devoted to the number of requirements for moving up the ladder onto the next rung of the ladder. However, for the purposes of this article, you will just be looking at the critical aspects of playing Holdem in the big money games.

From low buy-in games to games with salmon of a minimum buy-in, everything is based on the size of your bankroll. You cannot get into a game with $500 in your bankroll and expect to last more than a couple of rounds. If you run into a game with only a couple of players who know the rules and you do not have the right bankroll set up, you are going to end up losing money if you play at that one.

The size of the games you are playing really depends on two factors. The number of opponents that are your opponents and the potential for your opponents to call raises. When your bankroll can handle the blinds that you are throwing around, you can sit in and win small pots because your opponents are scared of going broke.

However, when you are playing against a player that knows the rules, you are not going to see many flops.

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