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Online Gambling and as such, so is gambling online. Online casinos are able to reach millions of people thanks to the Internet, so it is no wonder that access to has become a trend. How, then, can be made safe and decent? The answer is plain: regulations. It is unclear precisely how the industry achieved its regulatory status, but regulatory environments are intended to safeguard consumer interests. In the industry, the principles of good practice are usually applied, at least in theory. For example, the online gaming Sanitation Commission is responsible for ensuring that players have an adequate quality of gaming software and that their individual information is not mis encrypted. It also ensures that security procedures are in place such as encryption and firewall systems.

Online Gambling and as such, so is gambling online. Online casinos are able to reach millions of people thanks to the Internet,

In practice, however, it is not always easy to determine whether or not regulations are actually being applied in practice. For one, not all companies would admit to being regulated, and even when companies do adhere to the letter, they may cheat the regulatory agencies out of their stake. Another is that the markets are so innovative and competitive that it is difficult to pin down specific regulations for individual services. Last, regulatory bodies may not always have full information on the actual companies, and even when they do have access to the information, it can often be difficult to explain exactly what those regulations mean

Online Gambling Enter the US government

The US government has traditionally used its regulatory arsenal to hammer hardest against industries thought to beeteherexcept to legitimate financial services like banking and insurance. Online gambling websites are also thought to be fronts for illegal gambling operations, despite the fact that none of the technologies used by casinos are EVER 100% secure. The reason online casinos have not been regulated until now is simple: technological advancements have created methods for companies to basically pull the plug on security

The government has now, for the first time ever

declared what is known as an ” exited game jurisdiction.” This is a jurisdiction that has no rules in place forExcept for the rules of habit, there is nothing that the US government can regulate.

Despite this, millions of dollars of Dice, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker money moves through the USA every month. Even with the recent ban on , this is still occurring. Many of the casinos advertise to the American public and, with the exception of a few, none of these advertise to the Europeans who supposedly make up 90% of the population. One would presume that the Europeans are the obvious targets for American gamblers. However, there is a series of meetings going on between American officials and their European counterparts in an attempt to find a solution to the problem

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