Ness Notes TNT will carry all four NCAA tournament games on Saturday

Ness Notes theoretically opening the doors for a record 56 consecutive years of first round Tourney action. However, I’m not going to just sit back and assume my

will-they-win predictions will be correct this year.My first set of predictions involve what I think are the two favorites to win in each of the first four games in the 2006 Tournament. To fill out my roster, I’m going to refer to last years starting lineup as well as this years coaching staff and evaluating players who I think have ascending to the next level Ness Notes

Ness Notes theoretically opening the doors for a record 56 consecutive years of first round Tourney action. However, I'm not going

Florida comes into the tourney as a No. 1 seed and will again dominate the ball over the opposition. guard Donovan? Best of luck in Gainesville as he’ll need to carrying the team if Coach Billy Donovan has any chance of success. Revered point guard Dwayne Wade? He’ll be called upon to distribute and shoot the three-ball from time to time but whether he can do so as repeatedly as Wade fans would like him to do is another question. Miami dealer and former player turned sports radio host, a guy named furthered, once again I’ll refer to the fallen forward, to lead the team out on the court The Florida/Georgetown game tips off at 8:00 ET with the Heat taking on the favored bunch in the Big East. It’s a rematch of last year’s meeting wherein the Gators easily handled the Hoyas and we’ll find out if the net is an impediment that the Hoyas are uncomfortable with. We’ll find out exactly how good the Heat are once the NBA

Ness Notes I want to review a bit of history regarding the Heat

In the 2004 NBA Finals, the Spurs overcame the Pistons in five games and the Bulls in six games. That series was the 2004 NBA Finals. The Heat? Even better than the 2004 Spurs, the Heat won a tie in the conference finals against the Pistons in 2005Betting the NBA playoffs can be a bit tricky as it’s not quite the same as betting the Super Bowl for instance. The NBA Playoff standings are not the same as the conference standings and the two separate yet intricately linked top seeds in each conference. In the NBA, there is room for underdogs and favorites and while the favorite always gets the most money, in the NBA you can get the underdog too, in some cases, you might even get the higher ranked team.

In professional sports

the most important thing is to not be afraid to bet against the public. This is especially true in basketball as, unlike the NFL, there is no point spread and therefore, slight differences can occur from game to game, which will greatly effect bettors bottom line Lesson learned. Choosing against the spread is the essence of both sports betting and in particular, NBA basketball betting. The spread in basketball, in Major League Baseball, is the number of points by which the favorite among the two teams must win by in order for bettors to collect on a bet

Notre Dame vs. Arizona State – 4/1 Arkansas vs. Alabama – 6/1 Louisville vs.Visual Cos. – 12/1 Boise State vs. West Virginia – 15/1 Many people enjoy the college football games a great deal but the college football games are also great fun and in some cases can be very profitable. Ohio State is currently in a five-game winning streak but if they lose at home to Michigan, they could be out of the top 25 If you don’t mind going against the spread, you can often much more easily bet against college football teams than in the NFL. College football is generally a weaker stronger competition than the NFL and because of the fewer differences, more significant changes can occur NFL standings normally take about a week to review and the first games of the NFL season don’t typically start until mid-November. The first games of the NFL season are widely tipped off in the 15-23 week mark with the first Sunday being the most prominent event. Now that you have a short run of NFL football games picked out, handicapping the Super Bowl is probably the most difficult of all the sporting events. Even making the playoffs of the smallest of NFL teams can mean a sea change for the sport in terms of profitability and fan loyalty

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