Ness Notes It’s important to mention former Nevada

Ness Notes Wolf Packer Joe almost made it to the Final Four this past March. Yes, the long shot hopeful will be a father once he exits this lottery drawn circle. Joe’s Final Four predictions came close to the post ncaa tournament championship last year and many are knocking on the door for the national championship this March

The Wolf Pack play in the Big East and getting the crown would fit right in with his recent success in the Wolfpack. A few other unheralded names to keep an eye on include Connecticut,if they can stay healthy, and Marquette. The clincher for the elite 8 will be George Mason who finished with the best record in the A.C.C. and will be the best A.C.C. team in the country Ness Notes

Ness Notes Wolf Packer Joe almost made it to the Final Four this past March. Yes, the long shot hopeful will be a father once he

When the class of 2007 NCAA basketball starts college basketball fans will be Inserting their 2007 NCAA basketball bracket generators. Now it’s up to you to use this information to help you make a smart decision on who to bet on in your NCAA basketball brackets. Feel free to look at some of the many expert handicapping picks offered to help you with your 2007 NCAA basketball brackets. The expert handicapping services offered will not only give you the rankings and odds to win it all, but will give you the specific betting trends and numbers about the games to help you win it all Many experts will offer a point spread on the NCAA basketball games and betting on the totals. For example if USC and Kentucky are going to battle it out the experts will tell you that the Trojans are the probable favorite in the line, but if Kentucky is able to pull out the victory in the final seconds, the experts are 5 to 1 on the total

Ness Notes When looking at the odds look for the over/under for the basketball game

This is the number of points the handicapper predicts the combined teams is going to score. An over/under ofifty points is a typical over for football and basketball. Fot the over/under they are the predicted number of points by the time the game is over. So if you see a line like Kentucky -60, then the handicapper is saying that in the end, the combined score of the two teams will be less than the predicted fifty points. And if you see a line like USC +7.5, it is the over/under according to the handicapper

The first bet most novice gamblers make is the money line. This is the simplest as it can be, just betting whether the team will win or lose. But in order to be successful on a consistent basis in sports betting, you must bet against the public or bet for the losing team, not just the winning team. This is a great strategy to build your bankroll when you start betting but it has a downside. You must bet the proper amount to maximize your profits. A table that uses the over/under line as the main betting line would be a good table to follow

Another strategy that you can follow is the spread. When you are betting against the spread

you are betting that either team will win by more or less than a certain number of points. The line can be a “line” or a point spread. The spread lets you bet on a team winning by a certain number of points. If the team wins by more than that number of points, you will win the bet. Usually the over/under for a spread bet is ten points. So if you bet on the Trojans by 7.5 points and they win by 10, then you will win

It is also important to bet on a team that has a lot of bets or a game where the outcome is close to what the bet called. If you see a game where the total is very high, say 70, then it would be good to bet on the over, 70. Betting on the under is also good if the total is very low, like 20. Betting on the over and the over/under are good ways to make a profit when betting. Sometimes when betting on the over, you can bet $100 to win $100. That gives you a profit of 10%

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