How to Play Multi-Tabling Tournaments

How to Play Multi-Tabling Tournaments Multi-tabling is the best way to play online poker tournaments. It allows you to play many tournaments at once, which gives you an edge against other players who is only playing at one table at a time. Read more about multi-tabling below.

What is Multi-tabling?

When you play online poker tournaments, you have the option to play at least two different games at the same time. You should always choose the game that is the most profitable for you. The most profitable game for you is often cash games because they have less action and less players, which means you have a better chance of winning money. However, many multi-tabling websites allow you to play tournaments as well.

Why is Multi-tabling so Good for Poker Players?

Multi-tabling is great because it gives you a lot of opportunities to play at many tables at once. This can help you analyze your opponents better and sometimes miss out on small buy-in mistakes. You don’t have to finish first in the tournament to make a profit, you can finish second or third and still make money. These kinds of opportunities don’t come very often in cash games and they’re all too rare when playing tournaments.

Many poker players who multi-table also play for entertainment reasons, either from enjoyment or just for a good laugh, so they likely aren’t playing to win. When they win, their increased winnings from winning the pot are usually split between more players, so it isn’t likely to be a huge payout. These players will win small amounts and very rarely make a huge payout. Winning small amounts every once in a while is good enough when it’s part of the fun factor.

How to Play Multi-Tabling Tournaments

How to Play Multi-Tabling Tournaments How Can I Start Multi-tabling?

Getting started with multi-tabling is easy. Start with two tabling. If you reach 10 tournaments without losing more than $0.50, go down in limits or just re-start the round. You will probably end up finishing eight tournaments without losing more than $0.50 anyways, so it’s not like a lot of money is at stake. For people who start multi-tabling over the longer term, you should definitely be playing in online poker rooms with low blinds. When you deposit with money you can afford to lose, you will have a better chance of getting a free seat at a tournament that is below your limit.

Make sure you pay attention to your position every time you are in a hand, it’s the only way you can make an informed decision about whether you should continue in the hand or not. If you are in early position and no one has raised the pot, you shouldn’t play a hand because of the increased odds. If you have pocket 8s and there was a raise, you should probably fold it since there are still good chances you will get raised off your hand.

How to Be a Winning Poker Player

One winning aspect of multi-tabling is that it can help you develop your game. You will develop a tight-aggressive playing style which can be helpful in tournaments. When you are playing very low limit tournaments you might be tempted to play a lot of hands, but the low limits can afford a win rate of 10% or less, which is nothing to stiff when considering the amount of hands you will play.

nother winning aspect of multi-tabling is that the online poker rooms will start to give you incentives to play with them. For example, if you play $1 sit and go’s online, instead of depositing $100 and playing the tournament you earn your ten Final Table credentials for a $1.50 buy in. Similarly, you will have the same amount of money available to play with online as well, so you shouldn’t be paying a fee to earn your way into tournaments.

How to Play Multi-Tabling Tournaments

Online poker tools are needed by players to help them understand what they have to do to win a tournament. Playing ten or more sit and go’s at the same time will dramatically increase your knowledge of the game as well as your playing speed. The best sit and go tools can be an extremely accurate mathematical calculator (I use Holdem Indicator for tournaments) and it has an overall game analysis and tracking system. You can view the poker calculator live and plan your moves; you can even record the games you play with your mouse, then enter them later to support your poker calculator in the future.

Multi-tabling is maybe the best way to develop your game because it forces you to discover what you need to know about your opponents while you are learning them. To switch between games, you have to think about what each blind means to your odds of winning, and also what it means for your opponents. Adjusting accordingly will be very important for your later success in the tournament.

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