How to beat video poker machines

How to beat video poker machines If you want to learn how to beat tight video poker machines, then read this. You will discover a loose video poker machine. To the amateur casino gamblers and players, video poker is a fun and exciting game is definitely a good source of income. However, not all video games are the same. Some may require more skills and strategies than others. Usually., the more difficult it is to win the game, the higher are the payouts.

It is even harder to beat in a tight machine as compared to a loose one. Although, these are still not very easy to beat, but you can sure have a better chance to win in them as compared to losers. And what are the strategies for beating these tight machines? Here are some of them.

Playing a tight video poker machine is slightly based on a count of the cards held by the player. The cards are counted in the first and second quarter of the machines. And in the latter quarter, the cards are counted, which indicates the higher the count, the more cards are in the quarter. The strategy for beating a tight video poker machine is to increase the count during the first and second quarter of the game. The increase in the count is usually noticed by the casino security and they may ban you from the casino. Although, card counting is not illegal, but it may be banned from some casinos. If you want to have a loose game, there is no need to worry as it is legal in casinos allowing the players to have a communal hand, so that the high or low card counted during the high or low pays.

Although the strategy for beating a tight video poker machine may be obvious, the player must remember that the casino is still the boss. If you are having troubles in winning, rather than sticking to a proven and tested strategy, you may want to research on other strategies. Although no casino strategy can guarantee a sure win every time, you can however increase your chances of winning by following the strategy over a period of time. Doing so will increase your chances of splitting the jackpot more than winning it at any time.

Although casino shocking machines are not usually allowed in other games, they may still be present in the online casinos. These shocking machines are programmed to analyze the cards that are placed in the machine and will only allow the player to draw a certain number of cards until the time comes to payout. Fortunately, the number of cards that can be drawn in the video poker machine is very limited. Usually, a maximum of 5 cardsMaximum number of cards you can pick to make a hand is to be drawn. Similar to the loose slot machines, a very low number of cards can be drawn in the tight machines, which brings down on your chances of winning.

How to beat video poker machines

How to Beat Video Poker Machines for Gamblers and Amateur Casino Players

Although the looser machines will not allow you to very easily win the game, a player can still beat the tight ones by making sure the cards will generate. The strategy for beating tight machines is strategy of trying to beat the machine’s card counting mechanism. This could be done by timing your draws to beat the card counter. It is even possible to beat the tight machines by using the matrix. Although the matrix is a bit complicated to use, a little practice is essential. Finding the right moment to hit or stand will also depend on the cards you are dealt.

It is also good to remember that while beating a loose machine, it is best to stick to hands that have high cards. Majority of the hands will be chit to chit as the chances to get high cards is lesser in these machines. Therefore, it will be easier to beat the machine in the tight ones, especially in the hands. Do not be tempted to use your favorite hand to beat the machine as a result of losing a bet on old hands.

The important thing to remember when beating a loose machine is you need to beat the card counting algorithm and your luck will follow. For the loose machines, you may want to change the cards you are holding to improve your odds to win. However, for the tight ones, you may want to stick to the hands you have already dealt to you.

Before playing with a loose machine, it is important to understand you card counting algorithm, since doing so may beat the casinos odds. Although roulette is a game of chance, sometimes calculations made can be very precise, which can be used to beat the casinos edge.

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