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Blackjack Betting If you are looking for tips on how to successfully count cards in blackjack, then read this. You will learn why high cards are better than low cards in blackjack and why you should never split your cardsCounting cards in blackjack is one of the many strategies of this game. Unlike other strategies, card counting is relatively easy. You do not have to be an expert in card counting. All you need to do is learn the basic strategy

Blackjack Betting If you are looking for tips on how to successfully count cards in blackjack, then read this. You will Blackjack Betting

High Cards vs. Low CardsIn blackjack, the cards which are the most often dealt are referred to as high cards. The cards which are the least dealt are called low cards. There are many reasons for this. High cards are linked to the dealer. When you are playing in the shoe, high cards are good for you because you are paid at a higher rate for your cards Low cards, on the other hand, are normally good for the dealer. With low cards linked to the dealer, the dealer is tempted to bust more. As a result, the dealer is forced to hit with a higher frequency. When this happens, the number of units won by the players at the casino is considerably lesser

Blackjack Betting Always remember that cards which are better are valued higher than those which are worse

So, when you have high cards, you raise the amount of your bet. When you have low cards, you would want to fold because you are not getting anything good How Card Counting Works In card counting, you are making a numerical distinction in the cards that you are receiving. You are providing an advantage to yourself by keeping track of the cards that you have higher than what you have. You are also providing a disadvantage to the dealer by tracking the cards which are lower than what the dealer has.

The hi lo card counting system is quite simple.

You start with zero. With high cards, you add one number. With low cards, you add two numbers. In addition, you also add a penalty for any Ace. You should be able to adjust the running count to ten

What is the objective of the card counting system? When the running count is zero or below, you want to bet the table. When the count is higher than zero, you bet the table on through the deck.

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